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UrDoc lets you speak to doctors online in your own language, even when you're abroad.

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Call and chat to your doctor online from the comfort of your home or hotel room. Our online service makes it super easy to contact a doctor, even abroad.

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We have doctors from all over the world ready to help you, so getting medical advice is a breeze.

*We currently support consultations in the following languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Indonesian, Malaysian, Korean, Arabic, Japanese. (*As of August, 2020.)

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Great Service!

I had a stomachache while I was on vacation in Hakone. I found an online helpline for foreigners, but the hospitals I was recommended were either closed, or had to turn me away because their doctor couldn't speak English or Chinese. It was tough. That's when I found UrDoc. I explained my symptoms in English, they recommended me a hospital and I set off in 15 minutes. I was treated with no problems, and then the next day I was able to enjoy my vacation with my family. I'm very grateful to UrDoc.

Ms. Waiwai from Hong Kong

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