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With UrDoc, you can consult a doctor online in multiple languages.available from the coming winter
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  • Medical consultations online

    Consult doctors online, anytime, anywhere. Both video and text are available.

  • Using your native language

    At UrDoc, you can enjoy the comfort of talking to a doctor in your mother tongue.

  • Take your time

    No rush. Each 30-minute session is extendable, and you may share your information with the doctor while making an appointment.


  • A tourist from Hong Kong

    Her stomach hurt during the trip in Hakone. The tourist first reached out to clinics introduced through an information center, but got rejected. She then found UrDoc after a 3-hour hassle, and 15 minutes later, she headed for a hospital introduced by UrDoc, got healed and continued enjoying her trip the next day.
  • A Japanese expat in India

    His wife got a fever. The expat wanted to take his beloved one to a local clinic as the wife couldn't speak English, but unfortunately, he got caught up with work. He then reached out to UrDoc for an online interpretation when the wife was in the clinic. The wife got treated without any language issue. He was able to focus at work. Peacefully.
  • An American working in Japan

    The glass failed off and cut his finger when he was working. It was bleeding a lot. He was in a panic but managed to find UrDoc. The employee calmed down as soon as he started speaking to a doctor online in his native tongue. He then applied a first aid treatment, following the doctor's instruction.

UrDoc for Business

# Being caring for international employees
# Seeking a competitive benefits package
# Providing wholesome services for global tourists
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