• Real time consultation

    Consult doctors online, anytime, anywhere. Both video and text are available.

  • Using your native language

    At UrDoc, you can enjoy the comfort of talking to a doctor in your mother tongue.

  • Take your time

    15-minute for consultation your doctor, and you may share your information with the doctor while making an appointment.


Tourist from Hong Kong

Sudden stomachache while traveling in Japan. She first reached out to clinics introduced through an information center, but got rejected. She then found UrDoc after a 3-hour hassle, and 15 minutes later, she headed for a hospital introduced by UrDoc, got healed and continued enjoying her trip the next day.

How it works

Find your doctor online

After registering, you can search right away for a doctor to consult with from a list. Confirm the languages you can consult in and choose a doctor.


Make an appointment

Choose your desired date and time to reserve and enter what you want to consult about. The consultation fee is 3,300 yen (including tax) per 15 minutes per time. Credit cards can be used to make payments.

*This is the β version price.


Consult your doctor

Log into UrDoc and click the "JOIN" button to start your consultation with a doctor. The "JOIN" button becomes available three minutes prior to the consultation.